Clarke Mosquito Control

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Clarke Mosquito Control

Who would ever think that only as a means to pursue a college education would now become the largest company in the pest control industry. Clarke Mosquito Control is a corporation that can be all credited to a man named John Lyell. Presently, it uses state- of- the- art facilities that provides professional services. Their products are sold worldwide to clients in the commercial and residential areas. Dating back to 1946, it has been a trendsetter in unparalleled standard of excellence. The firm is now being managed by the third generation family.

Granting management of pestering minute creatures that adapt to any kind of environment, Clarke Mosquito Control assists every household with effective solutions that have been tried over the years of their existence in the business sector. A lot of people may not really realize that even though the very small size of the insects does not look intimidating, mosquitoes can actually do harm to them. It could be difficult to understand but they could cause fatal diseases. A single bite can result in lethal conditions such as having the West Nile Virus that emerged in Africa in 1937 or the La Crosse Encephalitis that originated in Wisconsin in 1963.

Clarke Mosquito Control has launched comprehensive programs that further enhanced other projects they have. Their expert staff has been trained in aspects of instruction, surveillance, spraying and application. When there is an emergency, they can readily respond to a situation of abundant stagnant water where mosquitoes germinate. Their aircraft, DC-3, has consummate record in securing extra sensitive areas in the metropolis. There is also the GPS guidance to follow where larvicides and adulticides chemicals are used that for big- scale mosquito outbreaks considered natural calamities.

There are also machines that Clarke Mosquito Control sells. One is the Badger, which is a cold aerosol fogger that is practical to use for portability. What makes it unique is the direct connect siphon tube that fits the top of standard 2.5-gallon containers. Another is Cougar which supplies finesse functionality of huge ULV units. It is not heavy compared to others and is also very user- friendly. Another on the list is Grizzly which sets the criterion for high- technology device. It has 18 horsepower OHV engine that has strong features making it very ideal for tough jobs. For more information, you can log on to their website at or call their home base located in Illinois at 630-894-2000.
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