Electronic Mosquito Swatter


Electronic Mosquito Swatter

Don't you just hate it when mosquitoes seem to find a space between your fingers when you try to swat them? And how is it that they know just when you are about to strike them? Well, maybe mosquitoes are some of the few insects who know how to use their brains. This doesn't work well for us though. This would mean they could annoy us more often until our hands are sore from swatting.

People many years ago would burn rice straw to drive mosquitoes away. Modern methods have eliminated this inconvenient way of repelling these pests. Incense, sprays, repellent lamps have all invaded the market to help people get rid of mosquitoes. However, there haven't been any single method that proved most effective and yet safe for humans as well.

Some people have gone back to using their good old hands in killing the mosquitoes. Although it probably takes them all night to kill less than the number that they hope to, it still is the safest way, where humans are concerned.

Fortunately, the electronic mosquito swatter came into the market. This highly-effective device uses no harmful chemicals and kills mosquitoes the instant they come in contact with it. The electronic mosquito swatter is powered by two AA batteries and is safe even for your toddlers.

If you're tired of using mosquito repellants that leave smudges on your walls and furniture, or emits foul and unhealthy smell, then it is time for you to try out a better alternative. Using the electronic mosquito swatter will not let you worry about airing out your home to get rid of a smell, or cleaning up smears inside your house.

The electronic mosquito swatter is also known as electronic/electric fly swatter, electric mosquito swatter, mosquito zapper, bug zapper, insect zapper, or mosquito killer bat. The reason why some manufacturers call it the mosquito killer bat is because the electronic mosquito swatter is shaped like a badminton racket. To 'activate' this device, you must hold the handle and press the button at the side until a light comes on. You can then wield it so that the insects touch the surface or the net. Mosquitoes, along with other insects, are instantly killed on contact. When you see some on the surface, release the button and shake off the insects that were killed.

The electronic mosquito swatter has a triple-grid safety shield that protects fingers from the electric current. However safe it is, children should not be allowed to play with the electronic mosquito swatter. Even if there are other mosquito repellents in the market today, the electronic mosquito swatter is the safest and most convenient to use. And admittedly, we will always have the urge to swat those pests.
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