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Capture an Asia Tiger Mosquito

Asia Tiger Mosquito invades the US. The ATM lurks in each known garden, breeding in even the smallest area of standing water.

ATM has been reported to be found roaming from soda cap, old tires, and upturned trash can lids to saucers under planters, vases, and watery lawn decorations. This 'container breeder' has spared the ponds to find the ideal temperature for its one-week operation of propagating tens of eggs to hungry adults. Its 300 flight-range tells that the one Asia Tiger Mosquito you spotted in your home today has probably hatched in your yard or your neighbor's.

Specialists respond that if you continue to house this squatting pesky, then more and more Asia Tiger Mosquitoes will leave more victims swatting more vigorously. Although it has not yet been found guilty of causing widespread diseases, there is still a possibility that it would learn to live up its initial potentials. Evidence show that the Asia Tiger Mosquito also feeds on animals apart from humans and this mixed diet makes it less likely to cause an outbreak. However, it was also indicted that this skittish 'squito to be a particularly successful bearer of mosquito-borne diseases according to some laboratory findings. In addition, this 'generalized feeder' having immense food sources allows itself to expand its range and spread further and further across the country.

The Asia Tiger Mosquito is evidently on the wrong side of the law and is held even more culpable than the regular mosquito ex-cons as it operates actively in midday. Also the ATM sneaks well with its small body and dangerous speed. No wonder SWAT finds it harder to swat! The tropical fugitive was an initial terrorist in Asia and West Africa; however, it passed the US security by coming, most likely, in shipments of used tires arriving from Japan.
This annoying, skittish, and potentially dangerous pest has already been generating more than its share of misery. Citizens are then called to increase awareness to suspects having white stripes on its dark body and a distinctive tenacious and irritating biting-style.
You can help authorities by making sure you have security-wise tight-fitting window screens and doors, scouring your landscape for potential breeding areas, removing all sources of standing water, replacing water in birdbaths at least twice a week, providing nesting boxes to encourage protection from its enemy birds and bats in your yard, as well as protecting yourself. Wear long sleeves and pants, if possible, and use an insect repellent on exposed skin or set up a citronella candle to repel the pests in confined outdoor areas.

Because the Asia Tiger Mosquito feeds all during the day, you'll need to be prepared in all of your waking time.
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