Class A Motor Home

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Class A Motor Home

Also known as the conventional motor home, the Class A motor home resembles a bus in appearance. However, unlike buses, this motor home type is entirely built on a specially designed motor home chassis that is typically bare. Many have considered it as something that is constructed on just the chassis cowl.

The Class A motor home is run or powered by diesel or gas engines. It is divided into a number of units; each may feature multiple slide-out sections that open up the living space for the trekkers. What you can generally expect from this type of motor home are kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, entertainment centers, electrical system, hot and cold running water, air conditioning and controlled heating. All of the luxuries of a complete home can be found here, the reason that Class A motor homes are known throughout the world as the largest and most luxurious recreational vehicle available.

Features of Class A Motor Home

The Class A motor home is commonly considered as the perfect vehicle for families seeking for an ultimate mobile trips. For some good reasons, I agree to such claim. The Class A motor home is really a perfect place for a home-away-from-home vacation on wheels.

Here are some of its wonderful features:

* Large, Roomy and Well-Equipped - I bet you are considering a Class A motor home because of these attributes. Well, this type of motorized recreational vehicle is really spacious and well-appointed. It offers every possible luxury found in most recreational vehicles today including bedrooms, bathrooms, entertainment centers, kitchens, basement storage, washers and dryers, VCRs, hydraulic leveling, hot tubs, satellite dishes, back-up cameras, and even security systems.

* Slide Outs - Perhaps what makes a Class A motor home worth living is its having slide outs that provide added space for the dwellers. The sections inside the vehicle can be moved outward or inward at the touch of the button. This way, you can enlarge the kitchen, dining or living room easily if you desire.

* Fully Winterized - There are a lot of Class A motor homes out there in the market today that are fully winterized. This feature may include a high BTU furnace, double-glazed windows, heated tanks, and insulations that are upgraded, making this motor home type perfect for winter outing.

* Smooth and Stable Ride - A fully, properly loaded Class A motor home provides a smooth and stable ride for the travelers. What's more, no special license is required from the driver, so any experienced driver can take the wheel wherever is desired.

Although the Class A type of motor home has all such wonderful features, it still has certain disadvantages that make it a bit unfavorable. One of the most well-known negatives of this type is some people find it difficult to back up and turn in close places. As such, it could be difficult to drive for sightseeing, shopping or running errands. It may also provide the travelers problem with determining the right side clearance because of the width of the driving compartments it provides.

Now, if you are thinking of renting a Class A motor home, then it's best to weigh the available options first before you decide on taking it. Consider its advantages, disadvantages, construction, and of course the price.

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