Class B Motor Home

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Class B Motor Home

So you're planning for an outing on wheels with your bestfriends. Well, I can't think of anything perfect for two to four people planning for a home-away-from-home vacation on wheels than the Class B motor home. Yes, there is such a thing! Class B motor home is in fact used by many campers these days for the comfort, luxury and safety it provides.

The Class B motor home is specifically recognized throughout the world as the most versatile and economical type of the motorized recreational vehicles. It is also known by the name 'van camper' or 'campervan' and is deemed perfect for any travel occasion for the fact that it can easily be readied and loaded.

According to some resources, the Class B motor home was first introduced in the 1970s when the recreational vehicle or RV industry decided to classify van campers as a new type of motor home. The idea of van camper can be traced back to early 1960s when a regular van was transformed and used a campervan. Following that introduction is a massive production of Class B motor homes, and it is nice to know that this phenomenon is evident up to these days.

There are a lot of features associated with the Class B motor home. These wonderful features include the following:

* Easy Driving and Loading - The Class B motor home is said to be perfect for someone who is after easy driving and loading. Well, the main support for claim is that the Class B type of motor home can be left ready for a quick getaway. As simple as that!

* Towing Capability - One of the features of a Class B motor home that makes it attractive for a full time RVer or camper is its capability to tow travel trailers. A camping trailer can actually be towed behind the campervan and this is highly favorable as it gives you extra rooms to rest and sleep. This is perfect for kids and guests. Aside from that, the Class B motor home can tow snowmobile or a boat, and even a small family car for the reason it has proper combination of transmission, final drive axle ration, and engine.

* Full Stand-Up Room - This is but another great feature of a Class B type of motor home. Basically, this feature is achieved the camper van's raised roof, but this can also be achieved by the use of dropper floors which can be used as an extra head room inside.

* Spacious and Well-Equipped - The Class B type of motor home is said to be narrower than the other types of recreational vehicles mainly for the reason that it uses the space within the body of the vehicle. Most of the van's body is dropped with a raised roof. Also, the Class B motor home is fully equipped with all the necessary amenities featured in a luxury home. It provides a comfy living space and some essentials for young families such as sleeping rooms, dining area, cooking facilities, and shower.

* Fully Winterized - Just like the Class A motor homes, the van campers are also perfect for winter getaways as it features BTU furnace, upgraded insulation, double glazed windows, as well as heated tanks.

The Class B motor home type today is considered as an engineering marvel. It comes in a modified and full sized Chevrolet, GMC, Ford or Dodge van and are best suited for short trips.

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