Nonchemical ways to deal with the symptoms of multiple sclerosis

Nonchemical ways to deal with the symptoms of multiple sclerosis

In addition to herbs and medications a person might take, there are many ways to treat symptoms of MS.

Problems with spasticity can be helped by doing simple yet thorough stretching every day. Taking a slow walk will also help loosen joints and muscles and relieve tightness and soreness. Many people find a heating pad or warm compress and massage to be helpful as well.

Pain can by various meditation techniques, distraction, and biofeedback.

Some people with multiple sclerosis experience difficulty in speaking, they may either stutter or slur their words. Sometimes this condition can be relieved by either writing as you speak or, using a homemade or standard sign language while talking. These techniques encourage the brain to use different pathways for speech.

For those sensitive to the heat, wearing a commercial cooling vest or cold wet towel around the neck is very beneficial. Taking this step to keep the body cool reduces the increase of symptoms associated with overheating.

It's cannot be emphasized enough the importance of reducing the stress in your life. High stress situations can cause the immune system to kick into overdrive and actually cause an MS attack or flare up. Talk to your family about chores they can do or ways they can help you reduce your stress.

It is also very important not to allow yourself to become overly tired. Some people find they need to cut their work hours from full-time to part-time. If you have physically demanding or stressful job you may need to consider changing careers.

Proper nutrition is important to help keep the immune system running as smoothly as possible. Adequate water intake is also important. It is recommended that most people drink approximately half their weight in ounces of water per day.

By taking a few simple steps you might be able to reduce the severity of symptoms and the amount of medication you take.

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