Alexander Lunev The Precursor Of New Wave Music

Alexander Lunev - The Precursor Of New-Wave Music

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Alexander Lunev is a rising star of the music industry and is one of today's most talented, versatile and consistent hit composers.

Alexander Lunev

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Alexander Lunev is a rising star of the music industry and is one of today's most talented, versatile and consistent hit composers. Not surprisingly, he has worked so successfully with many high-profile stars with mega-hit status. He not only established himself as a prolific composer, musician, but also as a star producer in his own right!

Widely regarded as a composer of immense talents and variations, Alexander Lunev caught the imagination of the world by collaborating with award winning Russian pop star "Five Stars" and Dima Koldun.

Only recently, Alexander wrote a brilliant song entitled "Lilac Flowers" for the super Russian pop-diva Sofia Rotaru, and another song for a tremendously talented and world-renown Russian singer, the dashing and sexy Nicolai Baskov.

Having rocked the Russian music industry in 2006 when he received the "Best Russian Act" nomination for RMA (Regional Music Awards) at MTV's 13th annual European Music Awards held in Copenhagen on November 2nd 2006, Alexander Lunev is going strength-to-strength in challenging his own high standards of music.

Lunev's song "Never Let You Go" was brilliantly portrayed by Dima at the Euro vision 2006 and became a runaway hit. The song was bestowed with MTV Russian Music Awards 2006 Best Composition. Some of the other top-shelf songs composed by the legend himself include "Through The Eyes Of The Eagle", "Following the Trail", "Above the Ocean", "Drowning Man", "Return to the Heavens", "Never Let You Go", and "Lady Flame".

Alexander's composition talent has taken him places. His songs have been performed at places like Los Angeles historic Wilshire Ebell Concert Hall, San Francisco's pride Palace of Fine Arts, besides New York and Miami.

Alexander is also involved with composing music for the movies. The Russian movie "Frenchman" includes Lunev's two masterful compositions. Alex has shown tremendous interest in diversifying his music vision by writing and producing the rock-opera "Prodigal Son", based on classical evangelic texts.

After remaining unsigned with any major recording label in his initial months of glory, Alex has established his own production company in June 2007. Aptly named, 'Columbus, Lunev's new venture has signed hot and happening Dima Koldun of Euro vision '07 fame. Dima, the 22 years old from Belarus, is a nominee for MTV's Russian Music Awards 2007, besides finishing at 6th place in Euro vision '07. Dima recently recorded Lunev's song "I am for you", which is already creating waves among music enthusiasts.

Alex's talents got a special recognition from the organizers of "Five Stars". This prestigious Russian music contest was held in the city of Sochi during September 5 - 8 2007 and Lunev was one of the five judges to pick the winner who will declare open the Winter Olympics at Sochi in 2014. This contest offers a great opportunity to the participants to display their musical talent that has remained untapped so far. Besides, the contest also serves as a fishing pond for the top producers, record labels, agents and media, including Channel 1, MTV, Europe +, and Russian Radio.

The depth of Lunev's compositions has made him an instant hit among all age groups of people. However, teenagers and youth have lapped up the new-wave music with both hands. But there's more good news in the offing! Alexander Lunev is not yet satisfied with his achievements. He wants to compose music that everyone can enjoy for long times to come. And considering his oozing potential, the "ageless" music is not something beyond Lunev's capabilities. In fact, Alex is already on the job to compose the music that redefines every contemporary boundary in the music world.

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