Natural Ways To Block Carbs From Your Diet

Natural Ways To Block Carbs From Your Diet

How You Can Reduce Carbs From Your Diet and Still Maintain Your Health

Carbs are a necessary part of our diet to stay healthy. However, there are good carbs and bad carbs. The idea is to reduce your intake of the bad carbs. How can you do that when you do not know what the difference is?

The Difference Between Good and Bad Carbs

Good carbs consist of things like wheat, beans, vegetables, and fruits. The bad carbs consist of things like refined sugar, cakes, sweets, and other processed food items.

Now that you know the difference it is time to take charge and bring in the carb blocker. How can we reduce our intake of bad carbs and maintain a healthy life?


You should stop drinking all those sweetened drinks. That can be challenging with all the soda and iced tea around. Do you live here in the south like me? We have something called "Sweet Tea." I am sure some of you have heard of it before. Maybe not. You can reduce the amount of sugar by adding a low calories sweetener.

These drinks are very high in sugar and carbs.


A lot of people live on bread. I am not one of those people. However, there are a lot of people who consume bread on a daily basis. Try switching to rye bread or some kind of multi-grain bread. White bread is not helping your case.

Whole grain bread is very high in vitamins and minerals, but so are other things. Things like nuts and seeds give you the same benefits without all the carbs.


Fruit juice is another buzz kill. Sorry, guys. I am guilty of drinking fruit juice too. Do you know that apple juice has at least 48 grams of carbs? Do you also know that that percent is mostly sugar?

Want something tasty to drink?

Add a lemon or orange peel to your water. That will give you that taste you are looking for without the extra sugar and carbs.


Are you hungry for a snack? You can eat healthily and still satisfy that sweet tooth. Put down the doughnuts and cookies. Why not try something like nuts or cheese? Why not eat some Chex mix or some pretzels? I eat a lot of Chex mix and pretzels. These contain fewer carbs and sugar than a bag of chips.


You should try to cut back on the sugar you put in your coffee. I am guilty of this too. We are only allowed a certain amount of sugar day to fit our diet. The sugar you put in your coffee counts.


Limit your stops to fast food places like McDonald's or Burger King. Their foods are very high in carbs, even the so-called healthy items on the menu. At your restaurant, you probably get things like pasta and rolls. You can fill up on the basket of rolls alone. I know because I have done it. Do you know how many carbs that is? Try switching out the pasta or potatoes for non-starchy vegetables.


There are a lot of ways you can reduce your carb intake with the foods you eat. You just need to be motivated to start the carb blocker way of eating. Reducing your carb intake can greatly have an impact on whether or not you lose weight or get diabetes at some point. As long as you have the right tools and stay correctly informed, you can do this.

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