good restaurant in Niagara Falls

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Good Restaurant in Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a very popular and frequently visited tourist destination, no doubt about that. But, no matter how much you enjoy the attractions you still get hungry, right? Looking for good restaurant in Niagara Falls is not a problem for there is a wide variety of good restaurant in Niagara Falls that you can possibly imagine. However, when you say good restaurant, it depends on kind of food you want to eat.

To give you some information as to where and what restaurants serve best food, let me give you a hint. The restaurants in Niagara Falls area run the whole array from upscale hotel dining spots with fancy-garbed waiters to delight mom and pop emporiums, from theme-based establishments and fast food eateries to ethnic delights and deli dinners. There are also the country inns whose dining halls could take you back to a simpler, less confusing meals. It's your call to pick which one you think is a good restaurant in Niagara Falls.

Hotels such as Sheraton Four Points and Holiday Inn at the Falls have their own on-site restaurants in the casual Country Kitchen and Phin's Seafood Bistro, respectively. However, among the best is the Greenery at the Travelodge Hotel Fallsview which offers an assorted choice of dinner dishes. According to an old saying among restaurant reviewers it says that when visiting a place you don't know about, you can't go wrong eating at a hotel; you might not get the best meal in town, but it won't be the worst either, and the service is guaranteed to be beyond reproach. That is at some point correct. But if you are a little adventurous, why not try other restaurants with delicious authentic cuisine?

If you go to a place you haven't been to, might as well make the most out of everything that's new to you in addition to visiting attraction sites. Family tradition restaurant is also a good restaurant in Niagara Falls. In fact, there are many family owned and operated restaurants serving delicious food ready for growling stomachs. There's an authentic Indian restaurant in the downtown area, like Sardar Sahib, Fortuna's, La Palermo, and Como Restaurant, with a menu that includes family recipes passed down from generation to generation. The food is scrumptious and not as hot as you might have been led to believe.

If hotel and family tradition restaurants do not appeal to you, there are also a number of newer trendy but good restaurant in Niagara Falls. If you're having an empty stomach from an exhausting but enjoyable sightseeing, race up to Duncan's and grab something to eat to keep you on the go again. Duncan is a car racing-themed establishment. For a rocking good time, try Tommy Ryan's Rock and Roll Diner. You can listen to the jukebox while you enjoy your food. Some people love to do that and if you are one of them, then you know where to go. Have you found a good restaurant in Niagara Falls yet?
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