How Much Will Nintendo Wii Cost

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How Much Will Nintendo Wii Cost?

Nintendo certainly new how to create quite a sensation by coming up a new video game product designed to titillate even the most experienced gamers. The introduction of Nintendo Wii coupled with massive media campaigns in key countries have definitely served its purpose of generating interest for the consumers and gaming fanatics who are all too ready to welcome the latest addition in the world of video gaming.

However, the universal question is 'how much will Nintendo Wii cost'? Of course a lot of people would naturally be concerned with the price especially in making comparisons with the other competing brands, such as Sony's Playstation 3 and Microsoft's Xbox. It is definitely a head on competition between Sony and Nintendo by releasing their respective products at almost at the same dates. This gives consumers all the more reason to check out the features of each of the products.

Prior to the release of the product, there have been many speculations as to how much will Nintendo Wii cost and its features. In fact, a lot of rumors have circulated as to the specifications of the products and comparisons to the also much awaited Sony's Playstation 3. The comparison is quite inevitable mainly because the two companies have been two of the leading competitors in the video gaming industry and at the same time the Nintendo Wii was specifically designed to rival Sony's PS3. The controversy was further fueled why the adamant refusal of Nintendo to address the rumors or divulge important details as to the features of the product.

The product's release last November 19, 2006 has debunked all rumors as to the how much will Nintendo Wii cost. It is certainly a lot cheaper than what was originally expected by many people who can't wait to get a glimpse of what was said to be the new revolutionary gadget that will enhance the gaming experience. The cost of the initial products released was $ 250, half of the cost of the Sony's PS3, which is sold for $ 499 apiece. However, people are certainly not deter by the prices of the two competing products since they are mainly relying on the reputation of the manufacturing giants that have never failed to deliver amid the high expectations of people.

One cannot discount the fact that those people who were speculating as to how much will Nintendo Wii cost were a little disappointed, not by the price but mainly because it falls short in comparison to the Sony's PS3 hardware. However, the sleek new design and the exciting new feature of the product, coupled with the well loved games that Nintendo is so famous for, it is definitely a sure hit.

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