Average Nursing Salary

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Average Nursing Salary

It is commonly known that there is a significant shortage of nurses not only in a specific country, but throughout the world. To all those who are interested and most importantly qualified in the field of nursing, you are all welcome.

Just like in any other profession, it is not all the time that professionals think of how much money they will be getting once they pursue a certain career. Though, let's face it, it matters. Additionally, in most career fields, a person's salary depends on certain factors. You may be receiving bigger pay than what your friend is getting from other place. This thing applies also in the world of nursing.

If you want to know how much the recent average is nursing salary, you are on the right page. However, you should know that an average nursing salary can be determined by the needs and capabilities of a community, work schedule, training, skills, and experience, which means that the information you will get from this article maybe a little different from place to place.

For registered nurses (RNs) working in the US, the average nursing salary is a little over $ 41, 600 every year. RNs with more than 3 years of experience are getting more than $ 47, 000, while those who are in the entry level are receiving more or less $ 39, 000 a year. Depending also on the position, the higher position, the average nursing salary could go as high as $ 60, 000 a year and over.

In a hospital setting, an average nursing salary is also affected depending on the specialization. Also, working in various healthcare institutions with different specializations could also mean different average nursing salary. The lowest annual average pay you can get is not less than $ 33,500 and the highest can reach up to $ 65, 000 and more.

Even for the hourly paid nurses, there is also a variation on the rates. Depending on the demand of a nurse's specialty and the kind of responsibilities she/he is tasked with, the rate could go up much higher. The entry level nursing salary per hour is approximately between $17.65 to $19.75 If basing on hospital bed size, hospitals with more than 500 bed size, the possible average nursing salary at an hourly rate can be $ 21.00.

Based on the range of the average nursing salary, it is clear that salary of nurses is dependent on a lot of factors, such as training, the kind of institution you are working with, your position, and the location of your work.
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