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Summary: Knowing the most common nutrition weight loss taboos.

You have subscribed to the best nutrition weight loss magazines and have practically borrowed all the books containing that topic from the local library in the hope of achieving the desired weight naturally. Shopping for groceries takes longer than usual as you thoroughly go over all the food labels. You probably think you should earn a medal or something for being a nutrition weight loss expert, but are you sure you are doing and eating the right stuff?

Experts revealed the Diet Sins and how they can be avoided:

#1 Mistake: You assume that what you eat and drink is good enough.

This is a very common nutrition weigh loss mistake. People tend to believe and act on what they read. For example, just because a label said something really healthy does not exactly mean that it contains the nutrients you need. Looking beyond what the product is called should be your main concern. Eating processed foods, even veggies, can not take the place of fresh veggies that you prepare yourself. There are certain nutrients that are lost during the processing. Also, fruit juices are not as good as eating whole fruits. As much as they claim to be 100% fresh, these juices still do not contain as much nutrients as fresh fruits do.

#2 Mistake: Over-eating and Under-eating.

These are two contrasting situations in nutrition weight loss schemes. Even if they are very much contradictory to one another, they are very much connected. Eating too much even if you think you have followed all the low-fat, low-carb brouhaha may still not be a good nutrition weight loss practice for you. Not eating enough will also result in weight gain because it will influence your insulin levels promoting storage of fats. Hence, it is highly advised that one eats about 5-6 light meals a day rather than eating 3 large ones.

#3 Mistake: Using numerous supplements.

Vitamins are supplements. They can be a part of your nutrition weight loss program but should not be taken in excessively or be made to replace the nutrients that you don't get from the foods you eat. Vitamins should be prescribed by a doctor and should not be solicited from just about anybody including the sales person in the local pharmacy.

Nutrition weight loss programs have been in constant limelight all these years. A lot of malpractices have been committed by several people due to lack of proper advices from real experts. This means that nutrition weight loss program is not the same for everybody. What works for you, may not work for your mother. Bottom line, seeking the advice of reliable health practitioners should be your first step in nutrition weight loss plan.

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