Outer space

Outer space
Space, also known as the outer space, is the vacuum that all of the planets, stars, galaxies and other objects are in. The planet Earth is in space, and so are all the other stars and planets in the Universe.
Space can be thought of as a three dimensional grid in which everything moves about. Everything that exists there is exposed to it, even if it's inside something else. You are exposed to space and are moving through it. How far space reaches is unknown, as the distant edges of the universe have not been examined yet. According to the big bang theory, not even space existed before the universe was created. After the big bang, space expanded outwards to give rise to the vast expanse that is known today.
Space, just like physical objects, can be altered. The force which alters space is gravity, and some scientists have guessed that powerful rings of light can also bend space. When space is warped, it can be traveled through in a shorter amount of time relative to the unwarped portion.
Scientists have learned with technology that space seems to be made of nothing, so only energy that acts like a particle can travel through it. Examples of energy that behave like particles are light, and x-rays. To compare, sound cannot travel through space because there is nothing there for the energy to move through.

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