Is Origami For You

Is Origami For You?

Origami is a fascinating activity which involves folding paper in specific patterns and sequences to achieve a particular goal. However interesting it may be for some people doesn't mean origami is for you. This activity requires the individual to possess or work on certain skills. In order to take on any origami project you must be patient. These projects take time and you need to be focused and capable of concentrating. This step-by-step or sequencing process needs to be followed to the letter. If you aren't someone who likes to follow instructions, origami is definitely not for you.

How are you with problem solving? How about logical thinking? Both of these skills are needed in order to make origami, especially advanced origami a success. The individual needs to be able to look beyond the current step and know what should come next. They need to be capable of forecasting the outcome of each step of the origami process. If a mistake is made or a step is skipped, it is quite helpful if the person can figure out where they went wrong. Again patience is needed since an origami project or particular portions of the project may need to be repeated several times.

Other advantages of origami have been seen in people with behavioral issues and problems interacting with others. Do you fall into either of these categories or do you know someone who does? If so origami may be able to help. Origami has been shown to help people develop social skills by taking part in a group project where they are compelled to help each other. Therapists have found that origami is a great way to break the ice and build bridges. Origami can make a person stop and think instead of making rash decisions.

Are you are person who likes to set goals? Are you someone who needs something to work towards? Origami is a great activity for goal setting. Looking at a picture of the intended outcome provides the individual with a motive to complete a project. With each fold they are closer to their goal. Once the object is finished and the goal is reached, they experience a sense of achievement. Goal setting is great to teach children as well. Achieving a goal helps them to feel empowered and equipped for the next new challenge.

Is origami for you? Only you can answer that question. It is certainly worth trying. You may like it or you may hate it. However if you'd like to learn more about origami before attempting your first project, why not log onto the Internet and take a look at just what you are signing up for. There are hundreds of origami-related websites. Some of these sites are created by people who use origami as a hobby. Other sites are created by serious origamists, people who are considered to be origami artists. Browsing the information and pictures provided on these websites may help you make a decision as to whether or not origami is right for you.

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