The Police (or "police force") are a government organization that is given special authority to enforce (that is, to make effective or working) their government's laws against different crimes. Police officers investigate burglaries or murders and patrol highways and cities to make sure that people do not break the law.The building they work in is often called a "police station".
Parts of police departments.
Most police departments have most of their officers in two main groups: a "patrol" section which has uniformed officers, and a "detective" section that has officers who wear ordinary clothing.
Police departments in different countries.
In different places and countries, the "police" includes members of the "sheriff's office, marshal's office," or "public safety department." In Ireland, they are called "gardai", in Russia, "militsiyaner," and in French speaking countries, they may also be called "surete" or "gendarmerie." In the United States, there are many different kinds of police for different types of areas and situations, such as state police and local police.

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