Puppet state

Puppet state
A Puppet state is a country that is officially independent, but is not really. Most puppet states are controlled by foreign countries, but some are controlled by corporations (like Guatemala, once controlled by the United Fruit Company) or even by terrorist groups (like Taliban Afghanistan after 1998, which was controlled by Al-Qaida). Puppet governments are usually kept in power by soldiers kept within their territory by the controlling power.
World War II.
After Italy surrendered in World War II the Italian Social Republic was a puppet state created by Germany.
Cold War.
In some of these countries the people overthrew the government, but each time they did that (before 1989) the Soviet Union and some of its other puppet states invaded and put the old government back in power. The Soviet Union had also some puppet states outside Europe, such as Mongolia.
Some people call Israel a puppet of the United States.

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