spyder paintball guns

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Spyder Paintball Guns

The Spyder paintball guns are the one of the best, most reliable and popular paintball markers or guns now available on the market. Spyder paintball guns are reasonably priced and are jam-packed with the latest sophistication in the paintball marker technology. Spyder paintball guns are guaranteed to give the player a solid performance at an affordable price. Spyder paintball guns are present in almost, if not all, paintball field. Spyder paintball guns are highly versatile; upgrading them won't be a problem.
Spyder paintball guns were first introduced in 1994. The Spyder paintball markers revolutionalized the paintball industry by featuring top performance level and affordable price. The first Spyder paintball markers have a powerful, sleek and at the same time lightweight design.
Today's Spyder paintball guns introduced the world's first anti-chop bolt called the 'anti-chop system'. The ACS precision spring tension recognizes any obstruction or jamming of the paintball pellets before crushing it. Thus, reduces paintball marker malfunctions. Lets you have more time to enjoy shooting the opponents. The Spyder paintball guns also have a trigger frame system known as 'the Spyder rocking trigger frame'. This system is a two-in-one trigger that rocks between two contact points. Thus, increasing your speed and allows you to deliver more paintball pellets per second. This system is compatible to all types of Spyder paintball guns and very much easy to set up.
Some paintball players say that Spyder paintball markers are great buys for its price, although Spyder paintball markers may lack some features of other high end blowback paintball markers, it still operates very well for a paintball marker of its price. Some Spyder paintball markers do not have lots of features but the good thing with it is that it does not break down as often as most paintball markers that has the same price.
Here are some of the latest and most widely used Spyder paintball markers available on the market:
Spyder Electra
The Spyder Electra is the most expensive marker of the Spyder paintball marker series. It has an electronic board with a colored access mode display. The Spyder Electra has a three round burst, six round burst, Full Auto, and safety modes. It can shoot up to twenty balls per second on its aero twist accuracy barrel. The Spyder Electra operates on both compressed air and carbon dioxide.
Spyder MR Series
The Spyder MR series is engineered to withstand the toughest play scenario. The Spyder MR series are perfectly balanced for a more comfortable grip and has the innovative 'ACS' or 'Anti-Chop System'. The marker features a full range of firing modes and comes with a rechargeable battery. The Spyder MR series is one of the toughest Spyder paintball guns ever produced.

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