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New Homes Development in Palm Springs

Popularly celebrated as a resort city with Hollywood appeal some time ago, with celebrities such as Elvis and Clark Gable swinging the town upside down, Palm Springs has recently become a year round destination with an increasing number of full-time residents along with new homes development in Palm Springs. Palm Springs has become an opportunity-filled city with dynamic job market, booming tourism, and new homes.

Because of the remarkable quality of life found in Palm Springs, a lot of residents who first looked at the area as a desert paradise ideal for seasonal or part-time place to stay in, sooner than expected became permanent residents. Today, more and more people are finding the charm of Palm Springs as appealing as those who have found a place they call 'home' in Palm Springs.

The increasing populations of those permanently relocating and even those who simply want to own a home in Palm Springs for vacation getaways have been the reason for the flourishing new homes development in Palm Springs. Contemporary new homes in Palm Springs are popping up and a lot more are on their way. Some of the firms contributing to these thriving present developments include:

Contempo Homes
Cotempo Homes, Inc. are building advanced quality homes in the Palm Springs area, featuring mid-century style homes incorporated with the most up-to-date green building technology, creating a resource-efficient plan 'Ecomodern' homes. They are developing quite a few neighborhoods in Palm Springs of multi-family and single houses, including units such as twenty-five Alexander Country Club estates, seventy-eight Alexander Village, and thirty-nine Alexander Vista Estates. Contempo Homes features the mix of state-of-the-art appliances, materials, and upgrades that makes every home a unique and pleasing blend of economical and modern philosophy which gives every resident more than just a new home, but a great lifestyle as well.

Escena Palm Springs
These new homes development in Palm Springs are on its way, inspired by the high culture that once set the atmosphere of Palm Springs. The architects and landscape architects of Escena took the image spirit of the Palm Springs vernacular faceting a Spanish revival of the 20's and 30's, plus the modernism of the Desert that developed in the 50's to late 60's, applying a modern interpretation for the present day lifestyle. Envisioned as a residential commune and a new golf course community, where residences are styled in the classic Spanish, and modern mid-century structural design, these new homes development in Palm Springs will surely make for the perfect living beyond the boundaries of traditional function.
Palm Springs has been and will always be a great city to live in; advancements and new homes development in Palm Springs will open up more opportunities for people seeking to take refuge in this desert paradise. However, one thing will never change, it will always be a city whose favorite pastimes are sunbathing, swimming, playing tennis, and golfing.

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