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Capital of Panama: Panama City

Panama City is the capital of Panama, which is located at the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal. It is the political, administrative, and cultural center of the country. While in the capital of Panama, Panama City, you can find several tourist attractions such as world-class hotels and restaurants. If you have any particular interest, there are various sites located in the Casco Viejo, including:

o Las Bóvedas or 'The Vaults is a waterfront promenade jutting out into the Pacific
o The National Institute of Culture Building and across from it is the French Embassy
o The Cathedral on Plaza de la Cathedral
o Teatro Nacional, a recently renovated performance center with outstanding natural acoustics. It provides an intimate performance environment, seating about 800 guests.
o Museo del Canal Interoceánico or Interoceanic Canal Museum
o Several restaurants located near the french Embassy
o Palacio de las Garzas or Heron's Palace is the official name of the presidential palace.

Further southwest you can climb the hill Cerro Ancón for an overview of the city beyond that is the fairly known bridge that spans from Panama Canal, the Bridge of America. There is a new attraction at the capital of Panama and it is the new bridge over the Panama Canal, the Centennial Bridge.

If you love the waters, unfornately, you can't have it in the capital of Panama. The waters in the coast of the city are polluted and swimming in them is not allowed. However, there are beaches available nearby. The closest you can find is the Playa Bonital Complex, right next to the city, crossing the Bridge of the Americas. There are also many more beaches that you can look for in the Pacific and Caribbean side. One of the best things aboout Panama is the possibility of swimmingin two oceans as they are just hours apart. But recently, there has been a huge development of beach hotels.

The Panamanian nature is comparable to that of Costa Rica. Just near the capital of Panama is where you can find some of the most accessible nature reserves. A taste of this can be found in the sizeable Parque Natural Metropolitano, which ironically happens to be difficult to reach without motorized trasportation. An even easier nature option is the Centro de Exhibiciones Marinas on the causeway, which is more than just an aquarium. But to get a better impression of Panamanian nature near the city, it is convenient that the Panama Canal needs nature around it as a water catchment. Along the western side of the Canal is the Parque National Soberania. On the way to that place you can visit the lovely and spacious Summnit botanical gardens and zoo. In the national park, the best known trail is the Pipeline Road, which also is a popular place to go for birdwatching.

The international airport in Panama City, the capital of Panama, is Tocumen International Airport located on the eastern ourskirts of the city an dis easily accessible by a modern toll road from the financial district. Under normal circumstances, you should allow 45 minutes to the airport from the financial district. Taxis are common transport used, but hotels may provide yu with shuttle service.

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