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Components of Florida Paralegal Association

Florida Paralegal Association is divided into a state association and several local organizations in relation thereto.
The Paralegal Association of Florida Inc. (PAF) is the State association of paralegals in Florida. It is a professional association of approximately 1,000 paralegals from around the state of Florida. The association was incorporated in 1976 as Florida Legal Assistants, Inc. However in 2000, the name was changed because the term 'paralegal' is more appropriate in reflecting the substantive nature of its members' responsibilities of rendering legal service, while of course, under the supervision of an attorney.
In pursuit of the interest in having a local organization, the South Florida Paralegal Association (SFPA) was established. SFPA was previously known as Dade Association of Legal Assistants Inc., and was formed in 1979.
Although a State and National Association involving paralegals have already been established, the paralegals in South Florida felt the need for a local organization in order to address the problems of the paralegals within the area, as well as to provide a local forum for thoughts, ideas and information which would be immediately accessible.
In 1983, South Florida Paralegal Association became a member of the National Association of Legal Assistants, Inc. (NALA). The representative-members of SFPA regularly attend the annual meeting of NALA and keep the group with the latest news and events around the country.
'To enhance the competence, and to strive for the acceptance and effective use of professional paralegals in South Florida' are the primary goals of the South Florida Paralegal Association. And to achieve these goals, the SFPA's programs and meetings are geared towards the continuing education of its members.
The Southwest Florida Paralegal Association, Inc. (SWFPA) is another local organization of paralegals. Established in 1997, the SFWPA provides paralegals in the Southwest Florida with network of legal resource information, educational information and information on professional opportunities.
SFWPA's primary goal is to uphold the ethical, professional, and personal standards set forth by the NALA. They also aim for increasing the paralegal awareness by encouraging member participation in community activities and also offer a reasonable rate as for their membership fees.
Northeast Florida Paralegal Association (NEFPA) is an active and essential participant in the northeast Florida legal community, supporting the Jacksonville Bar Association in many activities including 'Holiday in January'.
NEFPA was established in 1984 and was originally known as Jacksonville Legal Assistants, Inc. and in 1986 it became an affiliate of the NALA
It also promotes the NALA certification programs and upholds the highest levels of professionalism through its monthly meetings where in speakers on topics of legal interests are featured guest speakers.
Another local organization in the northern part of Florida is the Northwest Florida Paralegal Association, formerly known as Pensacola Legal Assistants.
It was established in August 12, 1981 upholding its goals of encouraging a high order of ethical and professional attainment, further education among members of profession, establish good fellowship among society members and members of the legal community, and cooperate with bar association.
Central Florida Paralegal Association is a local organization with the desire to promote high standards of professionalism with the career field of paralegals in Central Florida. One sole rationale of CFPA is its offering of wide range of professional and personal benefits to its members, such as education credits, professional and student development, job referral service, leadership, community service and community recognition.

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