carnival de paris

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Carnival de Paris: '98 Football World Cup

Summary: Carnival de Paris was the official theme tune of the '98 Football World Cup theme tune.

Carnival de Paris was France's 1998 Football World Cup theme tune. The artist, Dario G, is a dance trio from Cheshire, England. It is named after a football team, Crewe Alexandra's manager Dario Gradi, and its founder members are Paul Spence, Scott Rosser, and Stephen Spencer. Paul Spencer is the only one left of the trio.

The group's 1997 hit single Sunchyme sold over 2 million copies in Europe alone and the follow up single Carnival de Paris became the '98 World Cup theme tune. To add to the group's success, the trio released their fourth album Sunmachine and the follow up single of the same name in the summer of '98.

The Carnival de Paris was the second single of Dario G, and was officially released on August of 1998 by Warner Records, but it had a promo release on April 1998. It keeps with the carnival theme set by the Dario G '97 hit single Sunchyme, although the tune was not as appealing and not as big as the predecessor, it was being advertised as the '98 World Cup theme.

Further remixes had been released for the 2002 World Cup. Carnival de Paris may not have the same success compared to their first single in terms of the number of copies sold, the fact that it became the official '98 Football World Cup theme, is a success enough for the reason that it will be associated in that World Cup in 1998. And a less successful version of Carnival de Paris was released in 2002 for the World Cup in South Korea and Japan.

In 1998 also was the long awaited debut album from Dario G was released. Kicking off the extremely successful Sunchyme and the slight disappointing '98 World Cup theme, Carnival de Paris, the album was looking precariously close in attempting to redeem in the previous two singles. The title track, which also happened to be the third single, not only features samples form Davis Bowie's Memory of the Festival, as well as Bowie's long time producer, Tony Visconti, playing on flute. The whole album takes on a theme of world music mixed together with dance vibes, featuring a collection of non-traditional instruments such as Latin percussion, panpipes, and Spanish guitars. Not to mention the participation of the London Community Gospel Choir, and the choir of Belville Primary School. The addition of the ambient adaptation of Sunchyme, which entitled End of the Beginning, wrapped up the album in perfect approach.

The Carnival de Paris may not have given Dario G the success that the first single had, the thought that it had became a World Cup theme tune was an honor enough to the group.

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