hardwood patio furniture

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Kinds of Hardwood Patio Furniture

Hardwood Furniture is timeless, durable and versatile - all good reasons why it has continued to be a favorite piece of furniture for many homes and business establishments. It works well with either contemporary or old-fashioned designs and is great for both indoor and outdoor use including backyards, terraces, porches gardens and patios.

Hardwood patio furniture includes patio dining tables and chairs, benches, lounges, swings, coffee tables, ottoman, patio bar sets, among others. Made from different woods, hardwood patio furniture offers a wide variety for to satisfy any fan of wood furniture.

Here are some types of hardwood patio furniture available today:

Cypress wood is resistant to rotting, splitting and cracking. It absorbs paint well so it is good hardwood patio furniture to buy if you like to re-decorate often. Unpainted, cedar has a beautiful yellowish-red color. It can last you about thirty years.

Northern White Cedar, or simply Cedar, is an extremely strong wood with high resistance to damage caused by insects, harsh weather and other outdoor elements making it a popular choice for hardwood patio furniture. It has a nice distinct smell and has lovely colors from white, light tan or soft gold. It will also last you a good thirty years.

Another common wood used for hardwood patio furniture is Mahogany. This wood has tight grains and is exceptionally hard and durable. Mahogany furniture will not crack, splinter or lose its form. Mahogany can last more than twenty years outdoors, with its natural deep red color turning into soft gray.

Other woods used for hardwood patio furniture are fine-grained honey-colored Alder wood, red Brazilian Cherry, Shorea and Teak wood, known for its extreme weather durability.

Over time, all hardwood outdoor furniture will naturally have some small cracks on their surfaces such as those you will find in the arms of chairs and around bolts. If your hardwood patio furniture starts to show these cracks, do not be alarmed. They will not affect the durability of your furniture. You probably will appreciate these cracks as they add more character to your furniture piece.

While hardwood patio furniture is built to last, it will eventually lose its original color.
For instance, teak wood will turn silver gray after many years. If you do not prefer the weathered look, you can preserve or restore your hardwood patio furniture by applying particular wood cleaners and oils. Choose what is appropriate for your type of furniture.
This will bring back their natural shades and your furniture will look brand new.
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