offset patio umbrella

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The Fun of Having an Offset Patio Umbrella

An offset patio umbrella, also known as the side pole umbrella, is a great improvement from the ordinary patio umbrellas which have their pole at the center. This usually poses a problem because one's choice of a patio table is limited to the kind with a hole in the center to hold the umbrella in place. In addition to narrowing down your choices of patio tables and sacrificing style, the pole in the umbrella's center occupies precious space and is not very attractive to the eye.What compounds the problem is that this kind of umbrella provides limited shade due to its fixed position at the center of the table. Not surprisingly, the table itself gets the full benefit of the umbrella's shade, leaving at least one person exposed to the harsh glare of the sun.

An offset patio umbrella provides a solution to these problems. The pole is at the side of the patio umbrella, allowing plenty of room for flexibility of position. An offset pole umbrella tilts or rotates up to three hundred sixty degrees (360) which makes it easy to adjust it to different positions and angles for maximum shade and unhampered view.

With its unique design which places the pole off to the side of the umbrella, an offset pole umbrella leaves the patio table uncluttered, with extra room for other things and deals with the problem of a center pole which barely leaves enough space in the table. And the good news is that it affords you with a multitude of choices when it comes to patio tables, whether with a center hole or not. Or you can simply do away with a table and arrange chairs under the umbrella for a relaxing afternoons spent having a tete-a-tete with friends.

Set yourself free from stress. Say goodbye to your old-fashioned patio umbrellas and switch to an offset patio umbrella. You do not have to compromise flexibility and style because with an offset patio umbrella, you can achieve a perfect combination of both. No more putting up with the heat of the sun or staying close to the patio table to enjoy the shade of your umbrella. And you do not have to confine yourself with the choice of a patio table with a hole in the center. Now, you can lose yourself to the sheer pleasure of selecting from a myriad of bright, assorted colors to add a touch of excitement to your patio.

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