Choosing A PDA That Is Right For You

Choosing A PDA That Is Right For You

When you go to purchase a PDA there might be a few things you want to check out before your actual purchase. Deciding which PDA is right for you depends on things like, what you will use your PDA for the most. Also, how much information you will need to store on your PDA before it can be transferred to another computer or a memory card.

Look at the different feature types out on the market, such as brand names and those with Internet access capabilities, whichever PDA you choose should be to your liking and not simply because someone says its a good one. Then, look at the processing speed and the memory size. Depending on how much memory you need, to keep information actually on your PDA.

PDA's usually come with 16 to 64 megabytes of memory, however with a PDA you have to remember that one third of the memory is used for the operating system alone to run properly. Most PDA's come with basic installation programs nothing very fancy, but worth the cost of the PDA and the operating system as well.

There are special software programs you can purchase for just about anything. That you can install onto your PDA once you have chosen the type that best fits you. Medical software is available, calculations and numbering software, teaching software, reading software, games, and so much more.

Additionally, there are accessories you might want to purchase too, such as a case so your PDA will not suffer damage. Choose a case that isn't too bulky or heavyweight, it should be to your liking. Also, a pair of headphones, if you plan on listening to mp3's on your PDA. One more thing that is usually a must is the purchase of a memory card. Memory cards come with different amounts of memory storage on them, so get the size you choose that will hold additional information you want. Or to hold specific Mp3's.

When you have chosen a PDA that is right for you and got all the necessary accessories, be sure to get electronic cleaning wipes. The touch screen is very sensitive and using any other type of cleaner could damage it in some way. Most PDA's come with a battery charge cord. Be sure to maintain a decent charge on your battery, because if you don't you will lose all the information stored on the main memory of your PDA.

Once you have chosen the PDA that is right for you and have it purchased, you can then start to personalize your PDA. Some PDA's require twenty- four hours before actually using it.

In most cases, it would be a really good idea to let your new PDA charge for at least the twenty four hours before using it, even if the directions don't actually say to. This way you know your battery does in fact have a complete charge to it. Then, start using your PDA and personalizing the way you want it to be.

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