Some PDA Drawbacks To Take Into Consideration

Some PDA Drawbacks To Take Into Consideration

Okay, everyone agrees that PDA's are effective in many ways. The PDA helps maintain schedules, keep addresses, among other things. PDA's are also used in colleges in some areas. So, if they are so important; how can there possibly any type of drawbacks?

- Your PDA is stolen, if you have any type of personal information or addresses that are important they are now in the hands of whoever it was that has stolen your PDA.

- The stylus sometimes doesn't stay in place exactly as it should and it can get lost easily. Then you are forced to purchase a new one.

- The PDA is set in water, this can damage the battery or affect the battery life.

- If the screen gets damaged the PDA can not be repaired.

- Buying used PDA's have no warranties.

- Loading applications that have a virus, just like your desktop computer can cause the PDA to not function properly.

- Using household cleaners on the screen can reduce touch sensitivity or damage PDA.

- Putting information that is illegal on your PDA, someone else could get access to your PDA.

There are additional drawbacks people need to take into consideration, however in some cases the PDA can in fact, be prepared.

To some people this is not important, because they have the funds to simply go out and purchase a new PDA, yet to others they cannot afford to just run out and buy a new PDA, therefore these people take every precaution necessary to make sure their PDA is completely taken care of and properly used at all times. Some of the consideration that is put into the idea that would be considered a definite drawback, is if you are a parent and you bought your teen or preteen one of these PDA's and they showed absolutely no respect for the PDA. Leaving it in places where it could stolen, or damage and misplaced. This would definitely serve as a drawback I would think.

You only want to get a PDA for those with the responsibility and will be sure to take care of the PDA and know what it actually can do to help them, Adults can make the same mistake sometimes, forgetting where they laid their PDA down and other things, however with adults they usually remember where they laid it and retrieve it quickly.

One more thing you should not do, and this is to loan your PDA out to anyone. Information you have put on your PDA could be deleted or information could be added. This is definitely not a good idea and would definitely be considered a drawback as to owning a PDA.

Newer versions being released so often that tend to make the PDA you already own, just not as accurate or as good as you thought it was at first. Some software restrictions that apply to some PDA versions that won't work on your specific brand of PDA.

Some schools do not allow the use of PDA's as part of their program, so it won't help you much educationally such as taking notes and other different things. Like using the task manager and other programs you might have installed on your PDA.

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