The PDA Being Used In Patient Care

The PDA Being Used In Patient Care

It's no big surprise really, that hospitals are starting to implement the use of PDA's into their system. Patient care and treatment can easily be stored on the PDA and then synchronized with the main computer of the hospital allowing the patients records to be put into specific files. Once the patient care information is loaded onto the main computer at the hospital then the doctor or nurse can go on to the next patients, and record their patient information and care as well.

Depending on the memory the number of patients that can be stored on a PDA will vary. The amount of information on the patient and the care of the patient will also take up memory. However, doctors and nurses are finding with the use of a PDA to record Patient care information, they are able to get to other patients and obtain information much easier and much faster. Even if the doctor or nurse has to have the PDA uploaded to the main computer once or twice during their shift, this lessens the load of having to actually write out the patient information which is eventually loaded onto the main computer database anyway.

With this in mind, after the patient care information is loaded onto the main computer, others can file them into the appropriate folders and they can easily be reviewed. While in other cases, doctors can record their dianosis or findings about a patient and the patient care that should follow. All with one device. The PDA is appearing in more places as well. But the biggest asset some doctors and nurses feel they have now, is the use of the PDA for patient care records.

In the near future a lot of hospital doctors and nurses will probably be seen less with clipboards in hand, rather they will be carrying PDA's around into the individual patient rooms to record their progress and their patient care as well. With the use of PDA's and programs installed on the PDA's vital signs can be taken and recorded, and other items added if needed to the patient care records.

Some medical professionals disagree with using a PDA for patient information because they feel too many people gain access to the patient information, or that patient information is not properly noted on a PDA where as the paperwork forms of patient care have specific outlines medical staff and professionals go by. This being the case the actual use of the PDA in medical situations such as keeping track of medical information is in a debate.

The medical professionals and staff realize by using a PDA it is much faster and more convenient, however if patient information is in fact listed wrong on the PDA, there could be additional consequences. This being said the issue has become a stand off with a lot of faculty within hospitals as well as clinics, whether the use of PDA's should be allowed or not. Although those who say PDA's do in fact help, have started using them for patient information and have had no problems thus far.

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