Discounted Designer Perfumes

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Discounted Designer Perfumes

Giorgio Armani. Estee Lauder. Christian Dior. Thierry Mugler. Donna Karan. Talk about both expensive and popular scent manufacturers. Over the years, these names and more have dominated the beauty industry by launching in the global market scene their trademark fragrances. Their clients are mostly the class A individuals in the society because their products are undeniably pricey. However, at this juncture, there are now a lot of discounted designer perfumes that can be availed.

Here are discounted designer perfumes for both men and women. You can avail of these at They dramatically slash down the retail prices through huge discount rates.

Discounted Designer Perfumes for Men
Contradiction by Calvin Klein
Having both a crisp and tangy mixture, Contradiction by Calvin Klein has a blend of tangerine, lime, lavender and sage. It is also colored with coriander, pepper, cardamom and nutmeg. A warm smell follows as vetiver, sandalwood and ebony repletes. The base notes are composed of musk and amber that will leave a gentle sensual trace. Retail price is at $32. 00 but it can only be bought at $19. 95.

Fahrenheit by Christian Dior
Launched in 1988, Fahrenheit by Christian Dior exudes that woody and mossy yet refreshing redolent. It consists of lemon, bergamot and lavender which is then accented with cedar, leather and violet. It has a contemporary masculine scent that is just right for both day and night use. Retail price is at $23. 00 but it can only be bought at $15. 04.

Summer Fizz by Davidoff
An original oceanic redolent, Summer Fizz by Davidoff is one of the collectible line of his very own Cool Water's. It is energized with a refreshing twist of citrus with mint as the top note. It really is for men who are always on the go as it is intense and explosive as well as an revitalizing cocktail. Retail price is at $35. 00 but it can only be bought at $25. 00.

Discounted Designer Perfumes for Women
Pink Sugar by Aquolina
Modish and revitalizing, Pink Sugar by Aquolina suggests that distinctive personality. It brings you in an adventure through the delightful flavors of childhood years. It has that playful mixture of caramel and vanilla that you would want to spray on all over your skin. Retail price is at $28. 00 but it can only be bought at $23. 95.

Chic by Carolina Herrera
Introduced about two four years ago, Chic by Carolina Herrera has an aromatic mixture of garden- picked flowers that is sated with alluring woody notes at the bottom. Retail price is at $25. 00 but it can only be bought at $16. 54.

Happy Heart by Clinique
Light and floral, Happy Heart by Clinique gives that joyous redolent. It has a modish twist of lemon and orange with a bouquet of flowers touched with positive emotions. Retail price is at $29. 50 but it can only be bought at $22. 95.

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