History of Perfume

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History of Perfume

Many of you love perfumes. That's for sure. You probably wear it almost everyday, when you go to the office, to school, to shopping malls, to church, or anywhere you want to go. However, did you ever wonder about the history of perfume? How and when it was introduced? Is the idea occurs to you? Well, knowing the history of perfume is one of the best things you can ever do for yourself. After all, perfume is one of your precious possessions.

So what then is the history of perfume?

Several researches have noted that the history of perfume can be traced back to thousand years ago. The word 'perfume' originates from the Latin word 'per fume' which means 'through smoke'. Its first use was noted to have come from the burning of the incense and aromatic herbs for rituals and ceremonies. The early people burnt incense often from the aromatic gums and resins and other herbs gathered from trees.

It was the Egyptians who were thought to have used the first sample of perfume in the ancient world. They used incense for their religious rituals, as well as balms and ointments, from which the concept on perfumed oils originates. Well, according to the recorded history of perfume, the Egyptians applied perfumed oils to their skin for several purposes, medicinal and cosmetic. This practice was highly considered during the Old and Middle Kingdoms in the ancient world, and that perfumes were highly reserved for religious ceremonies.

How the perfume was introduced to the other parts of the world is pretty interesting. Several resources for the history of perfume have noted that the concept was brought to Greece, Rome, and the Islamic world by the Egyptians themselves. It was the Islamic community that preserved and maintained the use of perfumes since the introduction and spread of Christianity. But during the Fall of Rome, the production of perfume also declined and was only reversed until the 12th century and when the international trade was introduced and developed.

Perfume was then brought to China and other parts in Asia. The Israelites, Arabs, Hindus and Carthaginians also embrace the product and it was in the 17th century in the history of perfume that the perfume industry enjoyed huge success. Perfumed gloves then became popular in France and many of the resources have considered the French as the largest producers of perfumes as it was in France when a massive number of perfume makers were established.

In the 19th century and onwards, the history of perfume shows a massive development in the perfume industry. Several changes were made, with regard to the tastes and development in the perfume chemistry. A new line of fragrances were also created. And, along with these developments, the concept of bottling emerged and became more important in the industry.

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