How Photoshop training can help you get the most out of your photos

How Photoshop training can help improve your photos

If you want to learn how to get the most out of your photos, the right Photoshop training for you is Adobe Photoshop Elements 5. Photoshop Elements lets you easily correct flaws and adjust color and lighting in digital photos; arrange your photos in layouts that let you set up Internet photo galleries created with Flash technology; and view all your videos and stills in one place. At a price around U.S. $100, Photoshop Elements is a great place to start if you're interested in mastering the art of digital editing and compositing.

If you enjoy playing around with video and photos on the Internet, Photoshop training can take your hobby to the level of professional excellence and quality. Online self-study courses with instructor-guided training are a tremendously effective and fun way to master Photoshop skills in a hurry. If you're just getting into photography or videography, Photoshop training is the most powerful path to career success and personal fulfillment.

What Photoshop Elements 5 Training can do for you

Adobe Photoshop Elements 5 provides the tools you need to correct, enhance, organize, and share your photographs. Photoshop Elements 5 training will introduce you to the interface or welcome screen, the browser that acts as the pathway into the whole package; the organizer, or file-management tool; and the editor, used to correct lighting, resize images, and remove red eye. Photoshop Elements 5 also lets you put together professional-quality slide shows and build digital scrapbooks.

One of the biggest problems that novice photographers face is color correction. By using the Adjust Color Curves tool, it's easy to correct common color problems with Photoshop Elements 5. The amazing thing about Photoshop is how much it can do. I love to jump into a new program and feel my way around, experimenting to see what I can do. But without Photoshop training I quickly reach a barrier where my intuition and experience cannot help me from running up against the same problems over and over-I don't know what to do when the color is wrong, the photo looks drab compared to colors in the photographed scene, or an exposure problem makes the photo look too dark or too light.

Photoshop training teaches you everything you need to know to create professional images: how to create special effects, how to sharpen the contrast of your photos, and how to correct common problems like color halos and digital noise.

Fix common errors with Photoshop Elements 5

* Use the Quick Fix tool to correct the most common problems-color, contrast, and lighting.
* It's easy to correct skin tones for a more natural appearance, even in photos where the original lighting is poor.
* Correct red eye automatically when you download photos from your camera.
* Correct camera lens distortion and other effects that detract from the perspective of your photos.
* Remove blurring caused by poor lighting.
* Use the Quick Fix tool to chart changes in the appearance of your photos with "before and after" views.

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