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The Benefits of Joseph Pilates' Method Pilates

Joseph Pilates' Method Pilates, also known as the Method or the Pilates Method, has long been regarded as one of the most reliable and substantiated forms of exercise. However, there is much to the Method than its being a form of exercise. It is a series of controlled movements that aims to strengthen and condition the 'powerhouse of the anatomy' - the abdomen, lower back and buttocks - which allows the rest of the body to move freely. If this aim is achieved, the result will be a body that will never let you down.

There are a lot of benefits that Joseph Pilates' Method Pilates is capable of giving. These many benefits include the following:

Increase in Flexibility

Joseph Pilates' Method Pilates holds that idea that stretching is a very important part of an average person's daily life. With this idea, Joseph Pilates' Method Pilates helps greatly in stretching the body, making it flexible after a tiring and busy day.

Manages Stress

In today's fast paced environment, stress is a very common factor in our lives. To take control of our lives, it is then necessary for us to relieve our bodies and minds from the stress caused by everyday activities. To relieve us from stress, Joseph Pilates' Method Pilates can be of great help. Note that this system works on the basis of two principles: focusing your mind and breathing properly. According to experts, a combination of these principles has proven results on eliminating the effects of stress.

Develops a Strong Core

For Joseph Pilates' Method Pilates, the center of the body or 'core' is one of the most vital parts of the human body. The core encompasses the deep abdominal muscles as well as the muscles close to the spine. Pilates believe that a stronger core is an indication of a strong body, that's why most of the exercises involved in Joseph Pilates' Method Pilates work on the core of the body. These exercises are generally aimed at developing core control to integrate the trunk, shoulders and pelvis.

Improves Mental Alertness

Breathing is an important principle of Joseph Pilates' Method Pilates. The reason for this is that studies have proved that breathing correctly improves the blood supply and blood flow. With an improved blood supply, many of the toxins in our body get released, facilitating mental alertness. In addition, the exercises involved in Joseph Pilates' Method Pilates help calm a cluttered mind and produce clarity of thought.

Improves Body Alignment, Shape and Posture

This is but another purpose of Joseph Pilates' Method Pilates exercise system. However, to improve the body alignment, shape and posture, striking the right balance during a Pilates exercise regime is very critical. The Method is devised to have a major focus on alignment and symmetry of the body. As often said, any imbalance in your physique can be corrected with the Method. What's more, The Method promotes balance between muscle groups and stretches your body, resulting in lengthening of the muscles and improving your overall body shape and posture.

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