Pilates Method Florida

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Pilates Method Florida Training Schools

Thinking or planning for a Pilates education in Florida? Got no idea of where to take Pilates training classes? If these questions are bothering you for days, then you've got the right page. Here you will be informed about two of the most well-known and most trusted Pilates Method Florida training schools that offer Pilates certifications. Note, however, that these two schools are just a few of the many, but I am sure that they are good enough for you to get started. So, please read on.

All-American Pilates Certifications, Inc.

Located in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, the All-American Pilates Certifications, Inc. currently offers a series of Pilates Method Florida certifications that provide the health and fitness professionals with practical knowledge, unique hands-on experience and core skills necessary to earn the prestigious All-Americans Pilates Method Florida certification.

The Pilates program offered by this training school is actually designed for certified sports health fitness professionals by a team of progressive specialists including the master Pilates trainers of All-American itself, and the masters of Reebok and United States Golf and Fitness.

It is interesting to know that the All-American was first recognized by the American Council on Exercise, National Strength and Conditioning Association, and American Fitness and Aerobic Association as a continuing education specialists for its international recognized Pilates Method Florida certification program, which is based on sports science and methods of the legendary fitness professional Joseph H. Pilates.

Today, the Pilates Method Florida certification courses offered by All-American are generally presented by a certified staff of hand picked Pilates specialists. These specialists maintain their skills as active programs teachers and designers.

Classical Pilates

Here is also the Classical Pilates, a Pilates Method Florida training center located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. As the name implies, this training school offers the classical style of Pilates, which for them represents a unique approach to exercise that develop body awareness, core strength, increased flexibility and an ease of movement. Just like the All-American, Classical Pilates also offers a comprehensive Pilates Method Florida certification.

All of the Pilates classes or sessions offered by Classical Pilates are an hour long. The sessions are taught by certified Pilates instructors who are expert in using the traditional method and authentic equipment designed by Joseph Pilates. The sessions are divided into different categories such as private sessions, duo private, semi private sessions, circuit training class, tower class, and Pilates Method Florida mat classes. But, before you engage in these sessions, you will be first asked to begin with a one-on-one session, which is made available to the new clients of Classical Pilates. This session can be taken up to four times, and will help you become familiar with the Pilates Method.

Today, the Classical Pilates highly provide their classical Pilates Method Florida certification and teacher training with the principle that before working the peripheral parts of the body, the center needs to be strong and stable. As often said, the Pilates Method approach employed by the company completely changes a person's body, rids them of the chronic weaknesses they have suffered with and then makes teaching much easier.

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