Disadvantages of Playstation 3

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Disadvantages of Playstation 3

After Playstation 3 was finally released in the market last November 2006, the anticipations of PS3 being the most revolutionary technology in game consoles was at long last confirmed. Yes indeed, it whipped the market of video game console fans and hit the top with its sales. It was already actually selling even before it got out, with pre-orders and online bids that tripled its normal price. It may seem that Playstation 3 has been the answer to many of the game aficionado's dreams of an ultimate system that would bring them an 'out-of-this-world' gaming experience.

However, looking at it closely, like any other previous game consoles that once hit the top, there are certain consequences that surround PS3's popularity. Although it has been tagged as the most high-tech developments ever in game console era, there are certain disadvantages of Playstation 3 that may in one way or another affect its attractiveness to gamers. Here are some disadvantages of Playstation 3:

The majority of people who were able to get the Playstation 3 upon its release may not have mind the long lines, the waiting, and the pushing while trying to get hold of PS3, but it is undeniable that somehow the retail price of the Playstation 3 system shocked a lot of PS3 aspirants. The suggested retail price of US$499 (20GB model) and $599 (60GBmodel) exceedingly goes beyond the record of game console prices; some even describe it as 'outrageous'.

Yes, Sony may justify the price with its expensive Blu-ray Disc element (which is in shortage) and the rest of the 'special' components that make up the PS3, but it does not take away the fact that it is still expensive and is one of the disadvantages of Playstation 3 that buyers have come to look at.

Supply Shortage
Although the Playstation 3 has been released in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada, and the United States, its release in Australia and Europe has been postponed to March of 2007; the rest of the world are looking at more waiting for the PS3 to get to them. The supply shortage is said to be caused by the shortage of diodes called Blu-Ray Disc which is one of the important elements of the PS3 and has resulted to delays in its launching in certain countries; this has become one of the disadvantages of the Playstation 3, which has resulted to people having a hard time getting hold of the device (especially for the holidays); not to mention, fewer supply than demand equals prices going a little way up than normal. In the end, people just get the next best thing, the Xbox.

These disadvantages of Playstation 3 may not seem like a big deal to some people, but they are in fact affecting the current popularity of Playstation 3.

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