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Formula One Playstation 3

Formula One Playstation 3 game is among the best games of Playstation 3 that takes the exhilarating world of Formula One racing to the next level with Playstation 3's unparalleled processing power that opens a new door of potentials for playing Formula One. Revolutionary advances in physics and Al calculations results in the genuine and richest racing experience ever, at the same time as having excellent visual quality and intensity of detail that by far hasn't been seen till this time.

Video game fans can experience the power of Formula One Playstation 3 game that features a new world of Formula One Championship Edition racing like never seen before, offering visuals of high definition, extensive car and circuit details, full surround of sound audio, and advanced lighting effects, as well as car damage ensuing in the most realistic experience in racing.

Formula One Playstation 3 game includes all of 2006's official drivers, circuits, cars, teams, and rules, including Midland F1 Racing, Super Aguri F1 team, and Scuderia Toro Rosso, in their first appearance year. The game also includes more play and pick up than ever with assists in racing, spin recovery, and automatic braking. A player can definitely feel the real Grand Prix pressure with the faster cars, as well as unforeseen race incidents and collisions.

Formula One 2006 game featured the race being started with Midland F1 Racing, Super Aguri F1, or Scuderia Toro Rosso, then as the players perform better, they're able to further climb up the order of the grid, and finally being offered contract to race for current Renault F1 champions. Additionally, specific prizes are unlocked once a particular criterion has been completed like winning the world championship. Trophies are also featured in a trophy cabinet so players get to view what they won in various grand prix. The Formula One Playstation 3 version of the game includes a lot of superior features such as realistic graphics, new physics and handling, the Safety Car, and new Al.

Formula One Playstation 3 game is guarantees to bring maximum thrill to Formula One racing enthusiasts with its high precision technology image details and thunderous engines that captures the stimulation of F1 racing in fantastic HD resolution. Playstation 3 has brought more intensity to every game with its remarkable processing power, high definition picture, and spontaneity that makes it one of the best entertainment systems in the market today.

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