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Make Reservations and Order Playstation 3

Saying that Playstation 3 is selling 'like hotcakes' is a huge baloney. Playstation 3 is selling way beyond hotcakes that even that metaphor isn't suitable enough figure of speech. As of today there's no way to buy Playstation 3 except to order Playstation 3. That is how hot the commodity is selling, beyond hotcakes.

The promise of a powerful system equates, too, a promise of the best gaming experience. The reason how Playstation 3 garnered so much anticipation that during its launch last November 2006, expectant buyers of the system had been queuing for days to weeks just to be able to get their hands on the system. And knowing how high the selling factor would be, it was targeted as a moneymaking scheme by others, buying the original price at $600 and reselling it on a price several times over, oftentimes beyond $2000. the 500,000 units of Playstation 3 during the launch obviously wasn't enough for the worldwide demand.

You can order Playstation 3 online, but you'd have to make reservations at most since many have already reserved months ahead. Here are some sites where you can order Playstation 3:


Global Orders for Playstation 3, 20GB at $699

USA Orders for Playstation 3 20GB at $499

USA Orders for Playstation 3 20GB at $499

USA Orders for Playstation 3 20GB at $499

USA Orders for Playstation 3 20GB at $499

There are other sites to look for. These Playstation 3 retailers have stocks but were depleted. But you can check once in a while to see if they have replenished their stocks. Of course you can pre-order Playstation 3 from them.



Take note, Playstation 3 consoles manufactured are below 1 million. Though it was slotted for worldwide release, the units sold aren't enough to supply every demand. But in time, there will be enough for everybody.

Due to high selling rate, limited unit availability and overhyped product, Playstation 3 remains in demand as of today. That makes them a high prospect for scammers and fraudsters. Do not divulge money of credit card information if you not sure about the legality surrounding the retailer. Many have been duped by supposed Playstation 3 merchants who peddle Playstation 3 consoles over the internet, complete with pictures and convincing price tags. In fact, it is suggested to buy the consoles from licensed retailers like Wal-Mart, or licensed online retailers like Amazon or eBay.

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