Apollo Overhead Projectors

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Apollo Overhead Projectors

So you are looking for overhead projectors. Well, a number of overhead projectors are marketed anywhere in the world these days. You can find them both online and offline. They come in different brand names, and each has its own trademark. However, not all of these available overhead projectors are built with great attention to details. Not all of them are built with the highest quality, the reason that finding the right product is very much necessary.

Speaking of right product, most consumers prefer the Apollo overhead projectors. They pay much for these products simply for one reason - the Apollo overhead projectors are designed with the highest quality possible.

The Apollo overhead projectors now come in a variety of models. Each of these models is designed with different features, giving the consumers the chance to select which of the available products best suit their needs. You want to know more about these models? Then continue reading.

APO16000: Of the Apollo overhead projectors, this model is the lightest. It is built lightweight and compact, making it easier to carry and transport. This quality makes the APO16000 one of the most popular on the market. It weighs just about 14 pounds and is deemed ideal for small rooms.

APO16002: This model is identical to 16000, minus the lamp changer feature with closed head. This is also one of the lightest, weighing about 14 pounds. Many users considered this product as highly dependable for day in and day out performance. Aside from that, it features a double fresnel lens for maximum clarity, and a high-efficiency cooling system, similar to that of the 16000.

APOV4000: If an overhead projector with advanced styling is what you are looking for, then the V4000 of Apollo can be your best option. Unlike the other well-known Apollo overhead projectors, this model boasts an advanced styling and performance, as well as ultra-portability making this product perfect for travel. This is built lightweight and with 2,000+ lumens of brightness which is perfect for projecting most transparencies. Also, this Apollo overhead projector has an oversized stage that can be used for projecting images in portrait and landscape formats.

APO3000: Built for medium sized conference rooms, APO3000 is basically the first model in the 3000 series of Apollo overhead projectors. It has a smaller footprint that is said to take up less tabletop space, and it comes with a number of features, including a lamp changer, 3000 lumens, Hi/Lo switch, open head, fold down arm, and a lot more. It is for these features that APO3000 is currently one of the most valued Apollo overhead projectors.

There are more models available in Apollo such as the 3002 and 3400, both capable of excellent projection performance during presentations. What's nice to know is that all of these products are now offered with years of warranty.
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