Conference Room Projectors

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Conference Room Projectors

So you're maintaining a conference room for businesses and institutional use. Do you want that conference room to be equipped with high quality projectors? Well, that's highly possible with lots of companies and stores out there now offering conference room projectors perfect for such use.

The conference room projectors are generally designed according to the size of the conference room itself. There are some that are perfect for small conference areas, while others are designed for large halls. There are even some models that are designed to fit auditoriums. With these choices, it would then be best if you'll consider first the size of your room.

Some particular models of conference room projectors of most value and currently on sale can be found online where stores advertise these units; or offline directly from manufacturers of your choice. Note that I have labeled these units according to where they truly fit, whether in small conference rooms or in large ones. Consider the following:

Conference Room Projectors for Small Halls

Sharp XR-10X Projector: Considered as one of the perfect options for those who are looking for conference room projectors to fit a small conference hall, the Sharp XR-10X is the most popular models in the XR series of Sharp's conference room projectors. This is said to be perfect for both business and home video use for the reason that this projector shows clear picture with a high level of resolution. Aside from that, Sharp XR-10X features the Texas instruments DLP technology, which is a latest in the technological field. It also has a TrueVision (DDP200) image processing, which is useful for business and education presentations.

HP vp6320: Here's another popular model of conference room projectors which boasts a higher level of resolution combined with clear color reproduction and HDTV compatibility. This product even features a so-called 'picture-in-picture technology', making your presentations truly excellent. This product now comes with a year warranty.

Conference Room Projectors for Large Halls

Mitsubishi XD490U Projector: If conference room projectors for large halls are your target, then this model can be one of your great options. According to some claims, this product is an XGA ultra-portable DLP projector that works mainly to support a 2500:1 contrast ratio. It has a higher level of brightness, about 3000 ANSI Lumens, making it truly capable of showing bright picture. Also, this product features Texas instruments' DDP3020 TrueVision image processing with the popular BrilliantColor. This too is said to be ideal for creating a stunning visual experience you've never dreamed about.

Hitachi CP-X444 Projector: If you are looking for a stylish model of conference room projectors, this could be your best choice. The CP-X444 is an XGA projector that is so stylish in appearance. It is easy to install and is highly portable. Aside from that, it comes with 3200 ANSI Lumens along with a full video and computer connections. This can be used with a 3LCD technology for enhanced brightness.
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