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Kodak Projects - Kodak slide projectors

There are several lines of the Kodak slide projectors. The Carousel projectors are the first line of the Kodak slide projectors series. They are the home/consumer models. The current series come with a one-year warranty and in a four-digit model numbers. The Medalist AF is a heavier duty consumer projector that comes with a three-year warranty. There is also the Ektagraph, Ektapro, and Ektralight.

The most important code of the carousel projector, of the Kodak slide projectors, is the 'H' because it means it is a 'halogen' bulb. The halogen is brighter and cooler, thus, saving your slides from excess heat. Moreover, it is cheaper to replace than the normal filimant bulb. The replacement cost for a "H" is around $4.00 (100hr bulb) or for a filimant bulb $25.00 (25 hr bulb).

The 600 (H) series had a manual advance feature with no remote. The simplest projector made by Kodak but most reliable with none of the advance link installed. The 650 (H) series came a remote but featured the forward and reverse only unlike the 750 (H) series whose remote features included the forward/reverse and remote focus, as well as the high-low settings for the lamp.

Next in the Kodak slide projectors series is the 760 (H) series that came with a remote with forward/reverse AUTOFOCUS unit. The 800 series came in two - the model with the 'H' and the custom series. The former had the remote forward/reverse/remote focus features. Automatic timed advance, these can be set on OFF, 5, 8, and 15 seconds. This feature is handy when transferring to another media keeping you in concise timeframe between photos. The 800 Custom series, on the other hand, included only remote focus forward/reverse feature and high/low lamp settings.

The 850 (H) series had settings for remote forward/reverse AUTOFOCUS as well as an automatic timer. Similarly, the 860 (H) series had an autofocus feature, remote forward/reverse, and automatic timer lamp for high/low.

Kodak Ektagraphic III Projectors were able to provide 30% more light intensity than previous models. Slides are said to take on a more brilliant, colorful appearance in a variety of places, and it also includes settings with higher ambient light conditions. Ektagraphs have been a staple for corporate and industrial use for many years.

It must be noted, though, that as of September 2004, Kodak slide projectors' manufacture have been ceased ending what would have been a great legacy.
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