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To Project or Not to Project - projectors versus TV

Debates between consumers, who are gung ho about home theater, have sparked regarding projectors versus TV - as to which has overall image quality. Top of the list is the competition between LCD projectors and TV. Before choosing a home theater system, it would be beneficial to study its pros and cons. It's cheaper to purchase projectors versus TV because it can be extremely costly to purchase a 60-inch plasma TV. For this reason, many consumers today are turning to projectors to get the same big screen effect at a lower cost.

The pros of having projectors are that they are very portable that you can take them anywhere in your house where you have a wall or a screen you can throw an image onto. There's also no limit as to how big you want the images to become, much bigger than any TV can provide. As commonly known, the bigger the screen of a television set is the higher it costs.

The cons of having projectors versus TV are - first, you couldn't be hooking your DVD player or XBOX directly to the projector because only few models have speakers in them. In addition, you'd need to have an active speaker for your projector to create a cinematic sound. You can do this at an added price because active speakers come in separately unless you'll contend yourself to maximizing the tiny speakers of projectors that are mounted up on your ceiling.

Next, there's noise. The fan from the projector needs to continuously whirr throughout your usage. This is to keep projector bulbs from melting because they do get hot. These bulbs also burn out after 1000 hours of usage or so, and replacement is necessary at $400 each.

But who said having a plasma TV instead of a projector is as easy as buying a television set, bringing it home and plugging it to a power source. In addition to the price of any plasma TV today are several items that need to go along with the purchase of your plasma TV. The following items are required if you opt to for a plasma TV: wall mount, table stand or floor stand, sound source, video source, cables, power protection (optional but recommended), extended warranty (optional).

Plasma TVs and video projectors are basically monitors only. Most contain no tuners or speakers. Your decision over projectors versus TV actually depend on your idea of entertainment and your the budget.
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