How to Deal With Enlarged Prostate

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How to Deal With Enlarged Prostate

Let's face it, enlarge prostate is a bigger issue we, men, face as we reach our prime. For most of us, that means a slowly declining relationship with our partner, a more withdrawn self and seeking treatment in solitude, keeping the problem a secret. Because having an enlarge prostate also inevitably means losing your capacity to be a man.

Though medical science have yet to determine what links an enlarge prostate to sexual dysfunction, it is clear that enlarge prostate, properly called Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, causes sexual dysfunction. Most common occurrence is the difficulty in having or maintaining an erection, a painful experience during intercourse and thus a diminishing libido. All these accounts why sufferers of an enlarge prostate, of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, tends to get withdrawn when if concerns fulfilling relationships.

How to deal with an enlarge prostate should be taken seriously, by a medical expert, because it can be life-threatening. If you ever found out that you carry the symptoms, don't hesitate to keep in touch with your physician.

How to deal with Enlarged Prostate without Surgery

There are two ways on how to deal with enlarged prostate: by medications and by surgery. Because surgery is considered as always the last option, we discuss medications.

Anti-androgens and alpha blockers are used to relax smooth muscles in the prostate so that it decreases its constriction of the urethra. Sildenafil, a compound found in Viagra also allows symptomatic relief since it empties the prostate of seminal fluids, thereby making it smaller. Similarly, the prostate massage also provides equivalent relief.

Supplements are also recommended, so arrange for a supplemental medication with a beta-sitosterol with your urologist.

How to deal with Enlarged Prostate by Living Right

You can prevent this damaging predicament from happening. How to deal with enlarge prostate is simply rebooting the way you live your life. One is be conscious of everything you do. Here are some recommendations on how to deal with enlarge prostate:

Diet & Exercise
Too much of something always makes the body ill. But the absence of one also generates an equal risk. Take a moderate amount of everything, whether be it salty foods, sugary, meaty, or vegetable. And the most important aspect of just about any rehabilitation is hydration.

Exercise promotes well being. Be active in everything. That's why it's often recommended to be active in every aspect of your life, spiritually, physically and sexually. Nothing contributes more to the feeling of healthiness than well being.

Avoid Addictive Substances
Smoking, alcohol, and coffee may not be related to enlarge prostate but when you have fewer conditions, it is easy for your body mechanism to be strong for other ailing areas. And nothing deteriorates body condition faster than these substances.

Take care of your prostate. Do not indulge in activities, sexually motivating activities, that don't climax to prostate release. In fact, it is even recommended to practice prostate massage to relieve your prostate from seminal burden.
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