racquetball and mentoring

Racquetball and Mentoring

It would not take too much for you to realize that racquetball and mentoring are matched for each other. There is definitely no guarantee that a student or mentee would even like the ballgame at all. Fortunately, racquetball is almost instantly and abruptly addicting as a sport. If you are an instructor who likes to play the role of a mentor, playing racquetball at least weekly with your mentee would be an easy and instant way for you to remove any barrier between yourself and him.

The main goal you should set when mentoring a racquetball player or beginner is to encourage him to get more involved into the sport. It would be hard to mentor a mentee who is not really that interested into the sport. But as a good mentor, you could shift that view and make the mentee like and love the ballgame eventually. Encouragement is very important. You could do so by emphasizing and highlighting the person's potential. You may also analogize the game with practical life experiences.

Every mentoring program should focus at showing mentees that someone truly cares. The relationship between the mentor and the mentee should be beyond the game, but there should be no malice to it. You could show your mentee that you care if you give him good advice about his other life aspects, especially if your advice is sought. It would also help if you would constantly show your compassion and interest in his development. It may not be exclusive to racquetball, as mentioned.

Help the mentee further develop socially and emotionally. Racquetball could be a good outlet for doing so. You may arrange for racquetball games with other mentors and players. This way, you and your mentee would get to socialize with other racquetball players. In terms of emotions, motivate your mentee to make him further love the sport. Explain how racquetball is very enjoyable and why you think it is better than other ballgames. Also explain to your mentee how racquetball superstars are serving as role models to other players not just within the sports but also in other aspects. As a mentor, you should also set yourself as a good role model or example.

It is important to keep your cool whenever you are mentoring. Some mentees would not be comfortable being shouted at. Do not force the sport into the mentee. You have to always show patience and compassion even if your cool is being tested. As mentioned, it would help if you would develop a positive relationship with the mentee. You may opt to treat each other as friends rather than as mentor and mentee. Hang out with him for some time and make him feel that you are a person he could always approach.

If you want to be a formal racquetball mentor, you may enlist in formal racquetball mentoring classes and trainings. Attending such programs could help you understand the game and the players more. You would learn a lot more insights about understanding your mentee's perceptions, views, and beliefs.

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