Reno Rib Cook Off

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Reno Rib Cook Off

Reno as the 'biggest little city in the world', suggests twenty-four hours dazzling entertainments, deluxe casino gaming, renowned celebrity performances, luxurious hotels, a variety of thrilling activities, and glamorous celebrations. All of these from sunrises to sunsets, and seasons to seasons. As the summer winds down, some of the most popular events in Reno get underway. Don't forget to mark that calendar for the Reno-Tahoe Open, the Nevada State Fair, the Great Reno Balloon Show, Reno Air Race, Burning Man, Hot August Nights, the Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook-Off, and a lot more.

The Reno rib cook off is a yearly event where many challengers from different places gather in Reno to give their best rib recipe cooking a shot at fame. The Reno rib cook off has become a Labor Day tradition, where visitors coming to witness the event will experience some of the best ribs cooking in the bunch. If you want to avoid the heat and the weekend crowd, going first thing in the morning when the Reno rib cook off opens around 11:00 am is suggested.

This transforming Labor Day holiday event is traditionally held at the Victorian Square in downtown Sparks, which runs from August 30 to September 4, is a must-attend culinary, craft, music, and family end-of-summer affair, with free admission and free entertainment on the main stage. Every now and then some of the local celebrities join in on the fun to share some of their secret rib recipes. Local media celebrities such as Rob Brooks, Chuck Reeves, and Joe Hart took a share in giving their personal rib recipes in the Reno rib cook off festivity last year.

Mike Bowar and his famous Dave's BBQ Team achieved the peak of the rib-grilling course of the 18th Annual Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook-Off. They took home the title, a huge trophy, and $7,500 in cash. The Reno rib cook off which started with humble expectations eighteen years ago has become one of the biggest cook-off in the country today.

It is not easy to contend in the Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook-off since it is an invitational event with room for just twenty-four outstanding cooking teams, where most rib cookers have been with the contest from the very beginning and are asked back year after year.

This year's celebration had twenty-four barbecue teams and hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the country, coming together on Sparks and John Ascuaga's Nugget for the six-day event, which is believed to be the largest, most prominent rib-cooking event in the United States. Preliminary approximate of this year's Rib cook off show is to be the biggest of its reality, with virtually five-hundred thousand people expected to have partaken and more than a hundred tons of ribs served.

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