Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills

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Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills

90210 is undeniably the most famous zip code in the entire world because of the television series in the 1990's starring Shannon Doherty and Tori Spelling. The growing audience of the show added to the fame of what it is now. Beverly Hills is rich in its architectural landscape of abundant stately and swaying palm trees. It is city in the western part of Los Angeles which comprises the so- called 'Golden Triangle' together with Bel- Air and Holmby Hills. Its famous landmarks include the Electric Fountain, Greystone Mansion, La Cienega Park and Pickfair to name a few. With the beauty it has, thanks to architect Wilbur Crook who designed the town, it has also attracted surgeons of rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills to practice their field there.

Here are some of the surgeons of rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills along with their credentials.
* Julie Edween, M.D.
This Filipina is a good example of living the 'American Dream' which was given to her by her immigrant parents. Dr. Edween's practice has already been featured in both the Learning Channel's 'Body Work' and Discovery Channel's 'Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills.' She is a board certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon who graduated magna cum laude at the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences. She was trained in Facial Plastic Surgery at Michigan State University Botsford Hospital. Dr. Edween completed her cosmetic fellowship through the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery in Southern California.
For those who want rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills, Dr. Edween can be contacted at 310-859-8885 or visit her website at www.dredween.com. You can personally see her at 9201 Sunset Boulevard, Ground Level, M Aesthetics, Los Angeles, California.

* Stephen Pincus, M.D.
Having earned a medical degree at the Ohio State College of Medicine, he had his internship at the Bronx Municipal Hospital Center College of Medicine in New York. Dr. Pincus pursued his studies in facial plastic surgery a the Wadsworth Hospital in UCLA. Even if he is in private practice, he is also a clinical associate professor at the Univerosity of Southern California where he teaches the residents the methods he has been using in his field. Dr. Pincus is certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.
For those who want rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills, Dr. Pincus can be contacted through 310-306-2160 or visit his website at www.drstephenpincus.com You can personally see him at 4644 Lincoln Boulevard, Suite 409, Marina del Ray, California.

* Harrisson Lee, M.D.
Having founded the Center for Maxillofacial Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, Dr. Lee graduated with honors at Tufts University. He further went on to complete his residency in oral and maxillofacial surgery. In 1992, he received another medical degree from New York College and had another training at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City. After that, he pursued the field of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery at the Lasky Clinic under the famous, Dr. Kramer. Dr. Lee is board certified and was named as Top Physician in 2005.
For those who want rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills, Dr. Lee can be contacted at 310-777-2627 or visit his website at www.drharrissonlee.com. You can personally see him at 9001 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California.

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