Bed and Breakfast in Rome

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Bed and Breakfast Association of Rome

Founded in 1997, Bed and Breakfast Association of Rome was the first of its kind in what was once dubbed as the 'eternal city.' With the goal to scout for the most comfortable accommodations for their clients, they have already grown significantly for the past nine years of their service. They see to it that what they offer will reflect the old traits of the Italians. Thus, the elements of convenience, warmth and hospitality are all sated together. To date, there are already more than 30, 000 guests from different parts of the world whom they have assisted.

Bed and Breakfast Association of Rome have approximately a hundred members be it an apartment, inn or hotel. Each are located just a few meters away from the historic landmarks that have been standing on their location for a thousand years. Aside from providing their customers of where they will be staying, they also grant an idyllic alternative for vacation plans. The metropolis is home to several museums, galleries, boutiques and structures that are all a must try. One of the most famous is the Saint Peter's Basilica in Vatican. Its interior rooms such as the Sistine Chapel and Michelangelo's Dome are just few of its attractions that have been drawing hoards of people who are not even Christians.

Giving much attention to budget, Bed and Breakfast Association of Rome will help their patrons look for the cheapest sans sacrificing the amenities and features presented by other taverns that have pricey rates. Rest assured, they have a specific proposal for any type of traveler. Aside from the commercial sector, they have fully tied up with rooms in private estates. All are equipped with fresh linens in order for the person to have a goodnight's rest after an exhausting day of loitering. It is furnished replete with appliances that you can use for the whole duration of your lodge. There is also a kitchen where you can choose to cook your own meals so you can in a way, save up and spend those few bucks for shopping some items.

At those described places where Bed and Breakfast Association of Rome are authorized, breakfasts are often provided. Basically, it has been covered with the amount you paid. You can opt to rent it for how many months if you are planning to stay much longer than the usual. It is even more practical as compared to those that have been advertised already. Since, you can only inspect the surroundings when you arrive in the region, they have a team that will be the ones who will do it for you. They will do their best to given a precise description so you yourself can picture it out in your mind. For bookings an reservations, you can call them at 39-0655302248 or fax them at 39- 0655302259. You can also log in their website at

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