Saint Patrick

Saint Patrick
Saint Patrick (c. 402 - March 17, year unknown (probably 491 or 493) is the patron saint of Ireland and Nigeria. He was born in a village in Wales or along the west coast of England. The place of his birth has never been proved, but Dunbarton and Somerset have been guessed at.
When he was 16 years old he was captured and sold into slavery.
Saint Patrick came from a Christian family. He was the son of Calpornius, who was a deacon. He brought Christianity to Ireland. He converted many pagans to christianity. He also fought many of their leaders and druids such as Aodhan the Brave also known as Cheif Aodhan.They became good friends and worked together to convert many other pagans.
St. Patrick's Day is celebrated every year on March 17 in his honor.
Saint Patrick's Bell.
There is a bell in the National Museum of Ireland that was made around the time of Saint Partick's life. There is no evidence that Saint Patrick owned the bell but the Irish have believed the bell belonged to Saint Partick for 1400 years. One of the kings of Ulster who was the high king of Ireland at the time had a beautiful cover made out of gold and gems to preserve the bell. The names of the bishops of Ireland were engraved on the cover. The style of the letters on the cover were used to make the first typewriters. It is believed that the bell was rung by Saint Partick to let people know it was time for church.
Saint Patrick and the snakes.
There are no snakes in Ireland but there is a legend that at the time of Saint Patrick there were lots of snakes and he chased them all into the Irish Sea.

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