Samba is a kind of music, dancing, and singing.
The music is made with many different instruments - bass drums (a surdo drum, used for keeping a steady beat), snare drums, a whistle (called an apito[a-peet-oh], used for beginning and ending sections of music),other types of untuned percussion, and different varieties of bells.
Samba Music is mostly made by different instruments making their own unique repeated rhythm used at the same time, making pieces sound ongoing and interesting. There are also sections of Samba pieces where each instrument plays the same repeated rhythm a number of times called unison.
Other sections are when the apito blasts one rhythm, and all other instruments respond using another rhythm (that lasts the same amount of time as the first), called a call and response section; and a Samba piece can have instrument solos, when one instrument is playing an exciting rhythm.
The apito caller signals the end of one section and the beginning of the next by blasting a short call.
Pieces always have clear beginnings and ends.

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