Scurvy is a disease. It is caused by not eating enough Vitamin C.
People who have scurvy get spots on their skin, especially the legs. Their teeth may become loose and fall out. They may bleed from the mouth, nose, and gums (mucous membranes). A person with scurvy will look pale. They will feel sad (see depression). They will not be able to move easily, because their joints hurt.
Historically, sailors used to get scurvy because fresh fruit could not be kept for as long as they were at sea. Today it is uncommon in the wealthy countries.
Vitamin C administered by mouth or by needle (injection, also known as a shot). The injection almost always cures scurvy in babies.
Drinking orange juice is another treatment and works in babies. Before Vitamin C was discovered this was the only treatment.
When a person gets help for scurvy, they usually get better very quickly. Babies start eating again after one or two days of help. The symptoms get better within seven days.

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