When a word has several meanings, one can refer to it as being used "in the sense of..." some context or other. In Simple English for instance we avoid using words in unusual senses.
A valid seventh sense is the immune system's ability to detect invading virus and bacteria.
Memory is sometimes listed as an eighth sense, although it seems not to detect things from outside, but reconstruct them from inside the brain, and sometimes from muscle memory.
The obsolete term "sixth sense" is used to mean empathy or telepathy, and was in use before kinesthetics was understood.
When someone does not like the ideology or logic used in an argument, they often say it makes no sense or is nonsense.
A variation of this is to say that something does not make "economic sense". Usually these words signal a political dispute or some failure to define terms correctly.
The term "common sense" is used to mean either wisdom or very stupid ideas shared by many "common" people. It has a long history of being used in politics, to mean almost anything.

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