The Shabbat day(also known sa the Sabbath Day) has its origins in Creation, when God made the Earth for six days, and stopped work on the seventh day. The Shabbat day starts Friday evening when the sun goes down, until Saturday night.
According to Kabbalah, the Shabbat day is meant to be like a perfect world in which everyone knows about God and loves Him, a kind of world that has not been since the Garden of Eden, and will not be again until the Messiah comes.
On Shabbat, work is not allowed according to the Ten Commandments. It is a day of rest and of Torah study. Most machines may not be used, and no work done. Not even a light switch can be used, according to Orthodox Judaism, but not all Jewish groups do this.
The Sabbath in Christianity comes from the Jewish Shabbat, but most Christians have it on Sunday, not Saturday. They also rest, but not the same way as Jews. The exact way depends on denomination.
Islam also has a Day of Rest, which also comes from Shabbat. In Islam it is on Friday, and is called "Yawm al-Jamme'a," the "Day of Gathering" (For prayer).

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