Spirituality is a name given to matters of the spirit. Some people use this word instead of religion, while others see a difference.
Matters of the Spirit.
"Matters of the spirit" may include the meaning in a person's life (or in all life), and how to find and improve on it. They may also include someone's search for God, the supernatural, a divine influence in their lives, or information about the afterlife, and how to best deal with each. They may include how to live among others, or as a group, or in a certain environment.
Some people who do not believe in a religion may still be interested in the "spirits" of humanity or of nature, and live a certain way, or pay homage to ancestors or creation, because it helps their morale, or improves their happiness to do so.
Many philosophers try to find answers to spiritual questions, although they say that there is no god or anything supernatural.
In all parts of the world those type of people have had Ideas about spirituality.
Arne Naess - the founder of deep ecology
Gregory Bateson - philosophy of nature, ecology, psychology
Jiddu Krishnamurti - great indian scolar, who was thinking very accurate and in his own way about life and religions
Osho/ shri rashneesh - indian scolar, who talked a lot about religions critially, though he tried to bring a new revolutionary spirituality
Felicitas Goodman - anthropoligst who revolutionized the new shaman movement with her research about trance

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