Island Inn Sanibel

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Island Inn Sanibel Resort

Founded in 1895, the Island Inn Sanibel beachfront resort began as the home of Will and Harriet Matthews and their four children who traded in the harsher climate of the north for the more temperate, year round weather of Sanibel Island. Constantly entertaining friends and relatives from the north who flocked to visit Sanibel Island, their home was transformed into a boarding house. From this grew the gracious tradition of the historic Island Inn Sanibel resort which is now hosting families and friends from around the world.

The Island Inn Sanibel resort has access to miles of beaches. As often maintained, the Island Inn Sanibel has 550 feet of unspoiled beach frontage as well as 10 acres of property that form a horseshoe shape which appears to embrace the guests with a warm sense of community. Aside from this, Island Inn Sanibel offers a variety of accommodations with the traditional amenities, and these are offered to meet the needs of every individual, family or group.

There is much more to Island Inn Sanibel than its being an ideal place to relax. This historic beachfront resort is actually a gathering point for guests searching for sunny beaches, beautiful birds, stunning sunsets and fine dining. In fact, many of its guests find the Island Inn Sanibel resort unnecessary to leave during their stay because as they say, 'the Island Inn Sanibel has it all: birds, beaches, privacy and great food'.

Also, with access to miles of beaches, it's no wonder that the Island Inn Sanibel resort is considered as a staging ground for exploring miles of white sandy beaches littered with shelling treasures. From their beaches, you can also enjoy touring bicycle paths, exploring and discovering the exciting nature trails, discovering the challenging canoe routes, photographing a variety of birds and blooms, or visiting the neighboring islands.

Furthermore, the Island Inn Sanibel resort can provide every guest with information and guides for organized opportunities for sailing, golfing, kayaking, and many other fresh air activities that are designed to challenge the guests' eagerness and staying power.

There are a lot of other options available in Island Inn Sanibel resort. Art galleries, live theaters, cafes, bistros, boutiques and shops, museums and many other festive events that provide a mix of lively activities for every age and interest are out there. On special occasions, the Island Inn Sanibel usually plans shuffleboard, tennis and croquet activities for their guests' enjoyment.

What's more, the Island Inn Sanibel resort makes the names of local guides and expert island historians available to lead you on a beach or nature preserve tour. This is specially considered in order for you to see and understand the natural habitat of this unique barrier island off the southwest coast of Florida. So, while touring, don't be surprised when your guide will relate fascinating stories and interesting bits of historical information about the Sanibel Island, and its little sister, Captiva Island.

In Island Inn Sanibel resort, the holidays are always a cause for celebration. The holidays even provide additional occasions for gathering and socializing, allowing guests to mingle and get better acquainted.

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